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Nothing Trivial


Debbie Newby-Ward teases what lies ahead

Nothing Trivial.

What’s been the one scene which was the most fun to film from what we’ve already seen?

It was quite fun “playing up” the euphoria of Emma and Brian’s honeymoon period before it all came crashing down at the end of episode one with the news of Courtney’s pregnancy to Brian!

What’s the one moment that you think defines your character most this year?

Being prepared to accept Courtney’s baby as potentially one of her own is definitely a defining moment for Emma.  Especially when she is so desperate to have a baby of herself!  Another defining moment is when Emma decides to stand up to management within her school, no longer submitting to her ‘walk over status’ she’s not willing to compromise the wellbeing of her students!

Who’s the most fun to act opposite in a scene and why?

I had a lot of fun playing opposite Tim Foley who plays Nige!  He is so full of energy on and off camera, his laugh was contagious!!  There is a particular scene involving Brain and Nige doing some uncoordinated late night drunk cooking, and roaring like lions!  As Emma watches on unamused…. (Although Debbie was trying to hold back the giggles!!)

What’s been the trickiest part to film?
Receiving the news that mum had died.  Those emotions were delicate and conflicting to explore.

Having read the scripts/finished filming, what’s the scene are you most looking forward to/most nervous about seeing on TV?

To be honest, a lot of Emma’s confronting scenes happen early in the season, so I feel I have already taken a ride on the roller-coaster  that is “Emma’s Journey’ …. But in saying that, there’s a bumpy road ahead and I’m very interested to see the last scene in the last episode of the whole series!