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Not Going Out


About Not Going Out

This programme is now off-air.

An award-winning sitcom following the jokes, jibes and general misunderstandings of happy-go-lucky Lee, his best mate Tim and the object of Lee's hapless affections, his landlady and Tim's sister Lucy.

Not Going Out is a brand new sitcom co-written by BAFTA winning comic Lee Mack and Sony Award winning writer and broadcaster Andrew Collins. 

Meet two flatmates, Lee (Lee Mack) and Kate (Megan Dodds, Viva Blackpool & Spooks), who have a problem. 

Their easy-going, comfortable friendship is steadily moving into uncharted waters - a situation complicated by the fact that Lee's best mate, Tim (fellow BAFTA winner and stand-up, Tim Vine), is Kate's ex-boyfriend.

Unburdened by ambition or drive, Lee drifts from one ill-advised job to another, living off the goodwill and generosity of his landlady, Kate, a clean living Californian. 

Kate is determined to push Lee into making something of his life - whilst also trying to coax him into eating some of her disgustingly-healthy homemade food. 

Meanwhile, uptight accountant Tim, struggles to get over his break-up with Kate and cope with her rapidly blossoming friendship with Lee.