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New Zealand's Got Talent Voting Informations and Terms & Conditions


·         Watch New Zealand's Got Talent on TV ONE, Sunday's at 7.30pm NZT

·         Voting episodes commence from Sunday 14th October through to Sunday 25th November

·         Voting lines will be open from Sunday 7.30pm NZT to the following Tuesday at 12 Midday NZT each week.

·         Voting Lines will be closed from 12.01pm NZT Tuesday To 7:29:59 NZT the following Sunday.

·         Once the Voting Lines are open viewers can vote for the person they most want to win New Zealand's Got Talent from that week's performers.

·         Once the voting Lines are closed you can no longer vote for performers from that week.

·         Voting will be via SMS and iPhone Application Vote bundles

·         Votes cost up to $0.99c including GST each via SMS.

·         Single votes via an iPhone handheld device will cost up to $0.99c including GST each

·         Vote bundles can be pre-purchased via iTunes in the following Bundle prices, all prices include GST

Number of Votes                    Bundle Price

3                                                $2.59

5                                                $4.19

10                                              $8.29

25                                              $19.99

50                                              $38.99

·  At the end of the competition any unused pre-purchased iTunes votes will not be refunded to the customer.

·  If you are not the bill payer or the owner of the mobile phone you should seek their permission prior to voting


·         Use your mobile phone to send a Text Message with the name of the New Zealand's Got Talent contestant you want to vote for as displayed on the programme to 8981

·         Send the name as it appears on the programme; do not include any other text, characters or symbols.

·         For each Text Message vote sent, a reply Text Message will be sent back to your mobile phone to let you know your vote has been received, you are not charged to receive this text message. Response times for these may vary due to high loads (see "Voting Terms and Conditions" for more information on text message voting and receipt of votes)

·         Each Text Message sent to 8981 will cost up to $0.99c including GST

·         Text Voting for New Zealand's Got Talent costs up to $0.99c and is not part of any free or capped text promotions. For the avoidance of doubt please check with your mobile service provider for details.

HOW TO VOTE VIA iPhone Single vote:

·   Votes can be made by sending a single text message with the name of the contestant to 8981, at the cost of $0.99cents per text without purchasing Vote Bundles

HOW TO VOTE VIA NZGT iPhone App Using Vote Bundles:

·    In order to be able to vote, users of the iPhone Application must first register their iPhone.

·   Votes can be made after purchasing iTunes Vote Bundles. The cost of Vote Bundles vary according to the number purchased as indicated on your iPhone

·   Vote Bundles are pre-purchased and you can allocate as many available votes to any one contestant, or votes can be allocated across different contestants from that same week's episode.

·  Use your iPhone  to vote for the New Zealand's Got Talent contestant/s that have performed in the current week's episode by clicking on their image on your iPhone

·  Select the number of votes you want to allocate to each contestant and then click on Submit.

·  There is no refund on Pre-Purchased Vote Bundles that have not been utilised at the end of the New Zealand's Got Talent competition


New Zealand's Got Talent voting is the process of registering a vote or votes for your favourite New Zealand's Got Talent contestant via Text Messaging or iPhone Application Votes as advertised on the programme "New Zealand's Got Talent" on TV ONE

Your use of and or access to Text messages or iPhone Application Voting services constitutes your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. TVNZ and New Zealand's Got Talent Partners reserve the right to ament the Terms and Conditions at any time.

  • All SMS text messages sent to 8981 will be so at the cost of the participant and will cost up to $0.99 including GST each.
  • All iPhone Votes sent to 8981 will be so at the cost of the participant and will cost up to $0.99c including GST each.
  • SMS Voting is open to all residents ofNew Zealand. Viewers voting whilst on roaming are not eligible to enter.
  • You must be the owner of the mobile phone to vote or have their permission before voting.
  • It is your responsibility to send the correct message or vote for the correct contestant. TVNZ, New Zealand’s Got Talent      Partners and the Voting Service Providers will not be liable for costs incurred, responses received or any other consequences of user error.
  • You acknowledge that if you vote outside of the voting hours or for a previous performer your vote will not be registered      but, because of the response software used, you will still be charged up to $0.99 cents
  • All votes are deemed to be received at the time of receipt into the New Zealand’s Got Talent database, NOT at the time of transmission by the voter.
  • No responsibility will be accepted for non-receipt for any reason of a text message or iPhone vote. No refunds will be given on votes charged for but not received in time to be counted in the voting round.
  • The eventual delivery of SMS messages to the New Zealand’s Got Talent database is largely dependent on additional parties and the effective functioning of the sender's mobile operator's systems and infrastructure. Consequently, TVNZ, New Zealand’s Got Talent Partners and the Voting Service Providers will not be liable for non-receipt of or late receipt of messages due to issues resulting from services provided by the participant's mobile providers. Should there be a dispute, TVNZ shall endeavour to make the necessary investigations to the best of its abilities and attempt to rectify the discrepancy, but should such investigations prove to be inconclusive, no further action can be taken against TVNZ, New Zealand’s Got Talent Partners or the Voting Service Providers by “New Zealand’s Got Talent” voters.
  • All votes received by the “New Zealand’s Got  Talent” database will receive a reply confirmation message.  In times of high entry volumes some delays may occur in the delivery of this reply message. TVNZ will do its best to ensure all      confirmation text messages sent to you are delivered promptly.  Successful delivery depends on additional parties such as telecommunication network suppliers and ISP's, hence TVNZ cannot guarantee that messages will arrive promptly or arrive at all.  Message delivery  performance is subject to the recipient’s mobile terminal being switched on and located within an area that is acceptably covered by the recipient’s service provider. Furthermore, mobile operators can prevent their subscribers from receiving SMS messages, for whatever reasons, and in such cases message delivery is not possible. TVNZ, New Zealand’s Got Talent Partners and Voting Service Providers will not be held responsible for any loss, damages or injury whatsoever arising from the receipt or non-receipt of text messages.
  • In the interests of ensuring a fair and even-handed voting process TVNZ will accept votes only from bona fide SMS accounts and accountholders.  If TVNZ suspects that votes are being registered as a result of fraudulent, dishonest or other unlawful activity or in a manner that attempts to unfairly influence the voting process TVNZ reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to disqualify votes so registered.
  • Under no circumstances are TVNZ, New Zealand’s Got Talent Partners or Voting Service Providers liable for any      indirect/special and/or consequential damages or loss whatsoever which result from any use or access to or any inability to use or access the Text Message/iPhone application voting service.
  • TVNZ, New Zealand’s Got Talent Partners and Voting Service Providers make no guarantee Text/iPhone application voting services will be available, uninterrupted, free from error or delay or that any such error or delay will be corrected.
  • All queries in relation to mobile phone billing should be directed to your mobile service provider.
  • TVNZ reserves the right to extend, postpone, or cancel a vote and to update these terms and conditions on      without notice.
  • TVNZ reserves the right to change the broadcast or voting times without notice.
  • TVNZ and the Voting Service Provider reserve the right to keep all voting tallies confidential. No results other than what      is required for the purpose of the format of the program will be released to the public.
  • In order to provide a valid SMS vote, entrants  must submit their entry via a mobile phone with a reply path. The SMS      message must be routed via a mobile operator’s network. Votes submitted via the iPhone App or any compatible Apple Product are not required to be  routed via a mobile operator’s network. Votes that are not submitted via either SMS  or  any compatible Apple Product will be deemed invalid. TVNZ reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual who tampers with the voting process which as a result corrupt or affect the administration security, fairness or integrity or proper conduct of a vote. The Producers decision in this matter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • “New Zealand’s Got Talent Partners” includes Television New Zealand, Imagination Television, Fremantle Media and Syco
  • Voting Service Providers” includes Telecom New Zealand Limited, Vodafone New Zealand Limited Two Degrees, Lateral      Profiles Limited and Salmat Limited.
  • Promoter is Television New Zealand Ltd, PO Box 3819, Auckland, New Zealand.  
  • TVNZ’s decision in relation to any aspect of the vote is final and binding on every person who votes and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • TVNZ may be required by law to disclose information you provide. TVNZ will only make the disclosure if it believes in good faith that it is required to do so.



  • In order for TVNZ to ensure viewers are receiving relevant benefits and a quality service, participants may be contacted on their mobile number by TVNZ representatives and asked to participate in brief surveys on the promotion. Participation in surveys is strictly on a voluntary basis and at no cost to the participant. Participants can only be selected once, at random and will not be contacted more than once.


  • Any complaints should be addressed in writing to TVNZ Licensing, PO Box 3819, Auckland.     
  • Any queries relating to the competition should call TVNZ (09) 916 7000 in the first instance providing their name and      contact phone number.