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Zane and Degge

Zane and Degge

Variety act, 19 and 20


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Two crazy brothers who were inspired to take up the art of throwing things in the air by their juggling-mad Dad who, along with their amateur juggler of a Mum, have taken the boys to juggling festivals and circuses since they were in short shorts.

The teens are well-known on the national juggling circuit and take the sport seriously - practicing for hours on end at home and attending a local juggling club every week.

Clubs, incidentally, are their favourite medium! 

Both are full-time students in the capital. Zane is studying architecture at Victoria University, while Degge is at Massey University studying design. 

"We are a unique act with unique and exciting material to show New Zealand," says Zane.

"We are fun and exciting and can bring something truly inspirational to NZGT."