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Rosie Roulette

Rosie Roulette

Singer, 19


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Rosanna Hewson is in her second year at NASDA in Christchurch, studying singing, dancing and acting.  She also moonlights at weekends as a children's entertainer as a singing fairy!

Her goal is to be a successful songwriter and cabaret/theatre artist and to star on Broadway.

Rosanna's main inspiration is her mother, an opera singer and musical theatre teacher who has been coaching her since she was five and encouraged her to busk from the age of nine.

"I am fun, exciting and quirky and bring something new to NZGT," she says.

"I have a unique style and passion for performance and love to pump out big and high notes. Opera and musical theatre are too over looked in New Zealand. I want to bring them to the foreground with the talent I have to share."
Rosanna enjoys standing out from the crowd by dressing daily in imported 'Lolita' fashion a cult fashion subculture hailing from Japan, based on Victorian and Rococo costumes.

"I just love all the frills and bows. I've been dressing obscurely most of my life," she says.

She's also a big fan of Japanese cartoon phenomena Anime. If she wins NZGT a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun is high on her bucket list. 


Check out Rosie's audition below: