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NZGT 2012 Favourites Revisited

From Firedancers to freestyle footballers, operatics and brass bands, New Zealands Got Talent had it all in 2012 and this year looks set to be even bigger!

They made us laugh, cheer and maybe cry just a little but where are they now?

Whether they have secured Youtube world domination, released albums or are starring our the nation's favourite soap, there's no denying NZGT produced more than a few talented stars.

We take a look back at some of our favourite characters from New Zealands Got Talent 2012.

Clara Van Wel

The very studious Clara Van Wel may have been crowned winner of New Zealands Got Talent 2012 but that doesnt mean study has to suffer. In the midst of exams and getting her debut album together (she assures us it is on its way very soon!), this is one very busy lady!  Its not all work though, the natural beauty is currently prepping for her school ball.

Jessie Hillel

This pint sized cutie blew us away with her voice and unrelenting determination. She may only be 12, but she already has a full album With Love which she released in April. Being in a recording studio for the first time is something the Wilton-based schoolgirl describes as a "really cool experience", adding that juggling school with her musical ventures and having time to be an 11-year-old hasnt been too much of a challenge.

Evan Sinton

Coming third in New Zealands Got Talent 2012 has been a launch pad for 18 year old Evan Sinton who continues to write and release songs. Having just wrapped his latest music video we hope to see more of this soulful singer very soon.

Cameron Jones

Despite Rachels affections for him, saw player Cameron Jones didnt make it through to the next round on NZGT. It seems the hunky 22 year olds talent doesnt  just fall in music though, you may recognise Cameron as hot young paramedic Dallas Adams on Shortland Street. Time for a hoedown musical themed episode?

Mihirangi Fleming

The Queen of Loops had us astounded with her musical ability, and the success continues with the release of her album Somebody  Shake The Tree and despite a spooky near death experience had an excellent national tour earlier this year.   

Zane and Degge

This brotherly duo wowed us with their circ-tacular abilities.  Performing as Mcs all around New Zealand, on stages as big as the Michael Fowler Centre and as small as your Cousins back yard as well as making hilarious videos, this quirky twosome are certainly used to juggling.

Fletcher Oxford

This little guy is performing later next month with Lisa Crawley who will also be performing with fellow NZGT contestant Evan Sinton. Unfortunately, Sushi the cat continues to remain elusive.

JGeek and the Geeks

This modern Maori quartet had us gobsmacked with their spectacular performances and on-point comedy. After a successful world tour and more than 9 million views on Youtube, they return for a nationwide series of concerts this September.