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Lili Latham

Lili Latham

Singer, 22


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After two failed attempts at university, Lili says she's currently "studying how to study" extramurally!

Once she masters the art, she says she'd like to give uni one last crack.

While this sometime busker loves singing, song writing and performing to a crowd, and did once harbour fantasies about being a pop star, she says her heart lies in helping people and she'd like to complete a degree in psychology or social work.

A self-proclaimed "lone wolf", Lili was born and raised in Whakatane, where she works as a kitchen hand in a French delicatessen. She also does a bit of acting, musical theatre and modelling, as well as gigging in the guise of her musical heroines, Annie Lennox and Blondie.

She's been in demand as a covers artist and singing impersonator ever since she won her episode, performing as Debbie Harry, on the popular TVNZ show Stars in their Eyes back in 2008.

"Ive been singing since I was a little girl," she says.

"My act is very entertaining. I am a humble person who would use and appreciate the exposure from winning NZGT."

Check out Lili's audition below: