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Kale Simpson

Kale Simpson

Solo musician, 17


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Kale lives at home and is a Year 12 student at Waitara High School.

A keen all round sportsman and talented rugby player, it wasn't until last year that the school's music teacher overheard him singing and persuaded him to enter the school's Battle of the Bands competition.

Since then he says he hasn't looked back. "Music is now the main thing in my life."

Kale taught himself to play the guitar less than two years ago and for the past few months has also been busy writing his own songs - he's not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

The powerful original track he performed for his NZGT audition was about him breaking up with a girlfriend and the teenage angst he felt over whether to try again. 

Kale loves "top dogs" Chris Brown and Usher, and also cites Stan Walker as a major musical inspiration performing publicly in the presence of the man himself at last year's E Tu! Stand up against abuse family violence awareness campaign launch in Waitara.

Newly confident Kale chose to sing his own version of Amazing Grace the same song Stan wowed the public with on Australian Idol.

"I want to achieve as much as Stan with my music and I definitely believe I have what it takes to win New Zealand's Got Talent!"

Check out Kale's audition below: