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Jessie Hillel

Jessie Hillel

Singer, 11


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Little Jessie says she's been singing since she was just two-years-old!

Recognising her amazing musicality her self-confessed non-musical Mum and Dad have been paying for her to have singing and piano lessons since the age of five. She's also recently begun guitar lessons too.

Jessie's parents, both IT workers, hail from Kerala, India settling in Wellington in 1996 after her father was offered a posting here and the couple fell in love with the relaxed New Zealand lifestyle.

Jessie has one other sibling, a 15-year-old sister called Julie, who is also a talented pianist. The pair often stage impromptu concerts for their parents at home. But while Julie usually shies away from performing in public, Jessie adores an audience.

Last year she and Julie were nominated for TVNZ's What Now Rising Stars award, while this year Jessie gave a steller solo performance before a rapt crowd at the popular Festival of the Elements in Porirua on Waitangi Day.

The schoolgirl's other major passion in life is reading. Harry Potter currently reins supreme!