Meet your judges!


NZGT has assembled a talented trio as your 2013 New Zealand's Got Talent judges!

From cutting shapes with some of pop' biggest legends; smashing music records throughout the globe and strutting catwalks the world over; this trio know Talent!

Rachel Hunter  is the nation's indisputable sweetheart, and shes excited to be back this year to bring both glamour and personality to the judging table.

She will be encouraging, but honest, and is the voice of the empathetic viewer at home. Rachel may have to play mediator between Cris and Jason but will also know when to dig her six-inch stiletto heels in and stand her own ground.

"To be in a position to help identify the very best performers, and then watch them grow throughout the show is such a privilege. It makes me so proud to be a Kiwi!" Rachel Hunter

Jason Kerrison  is one of NZ's best loved and most successful musos, and brings broad technical knowledge plus a lot of humour to the judging panel.

Kids look up to Jason, ladies love him, and the guys respect him. Jason knows all too well the reality of showbiz - the blood, sweat and tears that go towards developing an act.

Giving Kiwis the chance to catch a life-changing big break on NZGT is a huge source of pride for him.

"Last year the NZGT format was validated not just by the viewers, but by the success of its winner. Clara Van Wel has proven NZGT can be a life-changing event!"- Jason Kerrison

Cris Judd  knows a thing or two about high wattage performances, having danced and choreographed professionally for more than 20 years alongside some of the biggest names in show business.

Shoulder tapped as a young man by Michael Jackson, Cris toured the world with the King of Pop's Dangerous and HIStory tours.

The multi-faceted artist has directed stage shows and music videos for stars like Jennifer Lopez, Usher, and Celine Dion.

He also spends a great deal of time teaching dance workshops for young people around the world. A first time visitor to our shores, Cris can't wait to see what we've got!

"To me, dance is the ultimate form of expression without speaking. A great dancer has to have soul, some humour and some vulnerability. In New Zealand I'm going to be looking for performers who can light up the stage and beyond!" Cris Judd


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