Tip Top Backstage Blog: Semi Final 6


The Black Trio

Hi guys, you are the winners of the Tip Top Natural Talent Search, why did you decide to enter the competition?

We really wanted to be on the show and when we didnt make through the first round we were a bit disappointed so when we heard about the Tip Top natural Talent Search we were stoked! We made a video and got all of Whanganui behind us and what do you know, were here!

What was the strategy for getting people to vote for you?

We went into schools, walked up and down the street giving people flyers, and went into radio stations and newspapers. Then we begged our friends and family from here and around the world to vote for us.

What can we expect from your semi-final performance?

Oh man, a whole lot of craziness! Its straight world without twisties and we have one hell of a twist! It is going to be like an ice block twisted with a Memphis Meltdown twisted with a Trumpet with a little chilli sprinkled on top. Its going to be insane!

What are your favourite flavours?

Ooh it would be a combination of lemonade, Jelly Tip and Trumpet for us.

If our judges were a type of ice cream, what kind would they be?

Rachel would have to be a Trumpet, long slender and delicious. Cris Judd would be a Mocha Trumpet, are listening to this Tip Top?! And Jase would be Big Nuts (laughs)&. Next question.

What about The Black Trio?

We would be Triple Chocolate twisted with caramel and vanilla because we are English, Irish and German in heritage.

Apart from being in the band, what are some of your other Natural Talents?

Quin: Surfer, and Beatboxing

Kupe: Im an artist, photographer and boogie boarder. Plus I have two different sized feet!!

Toby: Skateboarding, Fishing and Hunting and get into a bit of art too.

Identity Dance Crew

Identity Dance Crew back for the semi-finals, excited to be here?

Yeah its a real pleasure to be here especially for the fact that we get to appreciate other talented people. We have been watching some of these other acts and just been astounded that we are in the same competition. Its cool!

Its been a bit of a long wait for you guys being in the first audition ep and the last semi-finals. How do you stay focused?

Yeah it has been a while! We just had to decide that it was better to spend a long time and be happy with it than cram it all in.

What can we expect from your performance this week?

We are trying something a little bit different. We want to keep it a surprise so I wont reveal too much but its definitely different to our first one. We have stepped it up!

Have you guys been hitting the Tip top freezer today?

Oh my gosh yes! I think I have been the nicest to the freezer and I have had two Big Bikkie Memphis Meltdowns so if I tallied up what the team has had it could get a little gross!

If Identity Dance Crew was a type of ice cream, what kind would it be?

Ooh thats tricky. To be honest I would say Big Bikkie because it is full of surprises.

Are you nervous about performing for Cris again?

Not really, we really respect his opinion, h brake down the technicalities of our dance which was really awesome. We have upped our game so I hope it appeals to him!

If you win, what are you going to do with the car?

(laughs) Thats a question and a half! Maybe we will see how many we can squeeze in!

Sam Francks

Back again Sam! What was your reaction when you got the call that you were in the semis?

I was at home and I was just really excited!

What can we expect from you this week?

I will be performing O Sole Mio which is another one of Pavarottis masterpieces. In rehearsal some of my notes have been a little shaky so hopefully I can get those right and just have a little fun.

You are a self-taught opera singer, what was it that drew you opera in the first place?

It was just a nice fit. I like older movies and I saw a movie called Quarter and just feel in love with it. It was wonderful!

You were quite the phenomenon in auditions, have you had many people coming up to you?

Oh hundreds! I have had lots of photographs taken, I was at Ruapehu with ski goggles on, beanie on and people still recognised me!

You sing such a high range, are you worried that you will need to switch as you get older?

I can sing tenor but not as well as I can sing soprano. Im in the final stage of my voice breaking at the moment but its all looking good.

Whats your favourite type of ice cream?

I do like Jelly Tip but Ive only had one of those because I have to take care of my voice!

If you could describe you talent as a type of ice-cream what would it be?

It would have to be Goody Goody Gum Drops I think.

Natasha Alexandra

Wow you look amazing!

Thanks! I didnt even recognise myself!

What can we expect from tonights performance?

Well tonight I am performing another original which is called Real World; its more upbeat than the audition piece. So Im really excited to see what everyone thinks! Its amazing working with the band as well.

Are you used to performing in front of such a big crowd?

No apart from the audition this is the first time I have performed in front of such a crowd and also the first time I have performed with a band so on the one hand its the scariest thing I have done in my entire life and on the other its the most exciting!

Have you been hitting the Tip Top freezer?

I have! We arrive here pretty early in the morning and I was like Dont have ice cream, its 8:30 in the morning but I couldnt help myself!

If you could describe your talent as an ice cream what would it be?

I think probably Fruju because its bright and colourful like my amazing outfit today.

Estella Winnie-McGee

What was your reaction when you got the call that you were in the semi?

I literally did a happy dance!

What can we expect from tonights performance?

Im doing a piano piece this time, last time I had a guitar so I just want to show a bit of diversity. 

Are you a big ice cream fan?

Im actually lactose intolerant but I do love ice blocks. My favourite would probably be the Ginger Beer flavoured one.

If the judges were a type of ice cream what would they be?

Rachel would be Candy Floss because she is quite sweet, Jason would be a Perky Nana and Cris would have to be Boysenberry.







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