Tip Top Backstage Blog: Episode 1


We're off! The journey to find New Zealand's most talented started with last night's episode and what a rollercoaster it was!

This year we want everyone to get involved - be it your brother, your neighbour or you at home. So whether you're on stage, in our audience or nominating someone for our  Tip Top Natural Talent Search , we want to hear what you've got!

As Cris said last night: "You never know who is going to walk out on that stage. It could be a singer or a dancer or even a dog act that could win".

From comedy to choral; captivating to cute, last night's ep had it all.

They don't get any cuter than Mansell Lavelua. The 14 year old Auckland Boys Grammar student wowed us with his rendition of One Direction's "Little Things" but it was his incredible manners and cheeky winks that had us blushing even more than Rachel!

Click below to find out how Mansell wins over the ladies.

Mansell may have had Rachel swooning but it was choreography superstar Cris Judd that dance crew Identity wanted to impress.

"We heard about Cris Judd and he's a bit of a legend, he's done his stuff so if he can say were good then obviously we are doing something good with our dance," they said.

The nine strong group who were silver medalists at the 2013 Hip Hop World Champs showed their Natural Talent when they performed at the Auckland auditions getting a resounding 3 yesses and Cris' thumbs up.

Check out the Naturally Talented Moment below

"I think this competition needs someone like you guys. You add that excitement. I'm really happy that I got to see this because you guys are a GOOD crew. It's definitely a yes from me!", said Cris.

You could be forgiven for thinking it was a young Michael Jackson himself when 10 year old Ethan Scharneck took to the stage.

The self-taught youngster wearing a sequin suit hand sewn by his nana back in South Africa, wowed our judges with his remix dance to Immortal and Billie Jean, and even managed to beat our own Cris Judd in a dance-off!  

Click below to watch them battle!

We definitely saw some very talented people this week but remember that if you or a friend have missed the opportunity to audition for the show, all is not lost. Tip Top is giving all you naturally talented Kiwis out there a second chance with their  Tip Top Natural Talent Search .

In the mean time, remember to tune in next Sunday, 7.30pm on TV One as we continue our search for Talent!


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