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New Zealand International Film Festival

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Wound: Film Festival


New Zealand 2010, 77m
Director: David Blyth
Festivals: FantAsia, Fright Fest 2010

Wound marks the bold comeback of the enfant terrible of New Zealand cinema. In 1978 David Blyth's punkish sex-in-the-suburbs debut Angel Mine caused outrage and censorship debates. He later cemented his rep with a bona fide antipodean horror classic Death Warmed Up.

New Zealand has a weak history of transgressive cinema: Wound is the angry by-product of being bored by the utter predictable banality of our mainstream movies. After years of working in the documentary landscape, Blyth's low-fi comeback is a shocking supernatural tale of mental illness, bondage, incest, revenge and explicit graphic violence. A reinterpretation of the Demeter-Proserpine myth (mother tries to rescue her child from Hades), it features a vengeful daughter searching for the mother who gave her up for dead after being abused by her own father. A ferocious brave performance from Kate O'Rourke centers the film as all around spirals into dementia and viscera. - AT