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McAlister's sister to play for Mystics

Published: 7:04PM Wednesday September 15, 2010 Source: ONE Sport

  • Kayla and Luke McAlister (Source: ONE Sport)
    Kayla and Luke McAlister - Source: ONE Sport

Eight years after Luke McAlister was first selected for North Harbour, his sister Kayla has become the newest member of the Mystics netball team.

The 22-year-old Auckland age group midcourter said she was stunned to hear the news.

"I was expecting maybe training partner, and then she said the 12th member, so I was stunned. It was awesome," Kayla told ONE News.

She said she instantly shared the news with her brother.

"I'm a proud brother and Mum and Dad are really proud of her as well. It's a great achievement for her, and I'm very proud of her," Luke said.

The McAlisters have good genes for top level sport - their father Charlie played professional league and rugby for New Zealand Maori.

"He'd take us on runs on the weekends, six or seven o'clock in the morning, runs down the beach, circuits around the house, I remember he put in a chin bar downstairs in the garage. He pushed us pretty hard," Luke said.

Despite this training from an early age, Kayla says she's only just getting to grips with what's required as a top athlete.

"The older I've got the more I've realised that you've gotta put in the hard yards to get any further because talent can only get you so far. So (I) have to keep training."