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As it happened: Silver Ferns v Australia

Published: 7:01PM Thursday September 20, 2012 Source: ONE Sport

Follow the action in the second Test of the Constellation Cup series between the Silver Ferns and Diamonds in Auckland.

FOURTH QUARTER - New Zealand 50 Australia 49

0:00 New Zealand 50 Australia 49 -
What drama! Anna Harrison is called for stepping and Australia have a chance to win it but Bassett unbelievably misses the shot. That is not clutch! What a game and New Zealand win their first series in eight years. Report here .  

2:22 New Zealand 49 Australia 47 - Maria misses a shot and Bassett narrows the margin to two once more.

5:00 New Zealand 47 Australia 45 - Langman is called for holding and Bassett pounces to narrow the lead to just two.

7:25 New Zealand 46 Australia 42 - A loose pass that Bassett can't handle gives NZ a chance to break back and Maria Tutaia drains a deep goal to re-establish the lead.

9:30 New Zealand 43 Australia 41  Van Dky unbelievably misses a shot and Bassett takes full advantage of the break with two goals. That is the last five goals for the visitors. 

10:50 New Zealand 42 Australia 39 - Australia get their own break back as they sink the last three goals.

12:44 New Zealand 43 Australia 36 - Van Dyk takes full advantage of the break as the lead increases to seven.

13:16 New Zealand 42 Australia 36 - Bassett misses her first her shot of the quarter and then van Dky misses her chance too but manages to rebound and make up for it.

THIRD QUARTER - New Zealand 41 Australia 36

0:47 New Zealand 41 Australia 36 -
Grant gets a massive tip for NZ and both van Dyk and Tutia capitalise. But Medhurst gets the final say of the quarter once more. This is going to be edge of your seat stuff in the final 15.

2:33 New Zealand 37 Australia 34 - Corletto pulls off an intercept and the lead is down to just three as Australia take full advantage of their break

3:54 New Zealand 37 Australia 31 - The Ferns have been rattled in this quarter but Tutia drains a long shot goal to build some confidence.

5:02 New Zealand 35 Australia 30 - Laura Geitz gets another massive intercept and Medhurst converts both goals.

7:02 New Zealand 34 Australia 27 - Turnovers happening at both ends of the court as the defensive intensity lifts but Medhurst finally converts for Aussie.

9:28 New Zealand 33 Australia 26 - NZ get a break as Bassett is called for obstruction but they can't take advantage and the big Aussie shooter makes them pay at the other end. NZ call timeout .

11:14 New Zealand 32 Australia 25 -
Australia have scored the last three goals through Bassett and the lead is down to seven.

12:38 New Zealand 32 Australia 22 - NZ are finally on the board in the third quarter through van Dyk. Aussie showing more determination here.

14:02 New Zealand 31 Australia 22 - Bassett replaces Cox is the shooting circle and straight away she makes and impact with the first two goals.

SECOND QUARTER- New Zealand 31 Australia 19  - New Zealand have one and a half hands on the Constellation Cup after a stellar half of netball. They have shot 97% compared to Australia's 86% and that, along with three intercepts to one, is the difference.

0:00 New Zealand 31 Australia 19 - NZ finally miss a shot through Tutaia and Medhurst gets the final say of the quarter.

1:00 New Zealand 31 Australia 18-
Goals being traded here before de Bruin picks out the intercept to give New Zealand and even bigger lead. This is amazing!

4:00 New Zealand 27 Australia 15 - Now de Bruin captures a rebound and NZ go ahead by 12 through van Dyk.

5:52 New Zealand 26 Australia 15 - Grant pulls down a rebound and NZ increase their lead at the other end.

6:02 New Zealand 25 Australia 15 - Maria Tutaia drains one from the very back of the circle and NZ maintain their 100% shooting record.

7:50 New Zealand 23 Australia 13 - NZ maintain their 10 goal buffer as both teams go tit-for-tack.

9:42 New Zealand 20 Australia 10 - Camilla Lees is called for stepping but Australia miss their chance as Cox misses her first goal of the night. Maria Tutaia converts and NZ on the other hand is 100% in the shooting circle.

12:52 New Zealand 18 Australia 8 - Both teams trading goals here in a confident start to the quarter from everyone involved.

14:40 New Zealand 16 Australia 6 - Van dyk gets the first goal of the quarter. Natalie Medhurst has meanwhile replaced the out of sorts Erin Bell who failed to put up a single shot in the quarter.

FIRST QUARTER - New Zealand 15 Australia 6

0:22 New Zealand 15 Australia 6 -
Now Camilla Lees pulls out an intercept but New Zealand can't capitalise on the break. Natalie von Bertouch is then called for stepping and van Dyk makes no mistake with two consecutive goals.

3:00 New Zealand 12 Australia 5 - Both teams are trading goals but it must be said Australia are really struggling to get the ball into the attacking circle.

5:04 New Zealand 10 Australia 3 - Katrina Grant pulls another incept out of the bag and NZ pounce to gain a commanding lead.

6:30 New Zealand 8 Australia 3 - Defensive hustle at both ends of the courts sees several turnovers before van Dky finally gets the goal.

9:00 New Zealand 7 Australia 2 - Katrina Grant gets a big intercept and van Dky takes full advantage.

9:20 New Zealand 6 Australia 2 - Kimberlee Green calls for a timeout and Australia are feeling the pressure early.

9:52 New Zealand 6 Australia 2 - Both teams force turnovers with Harrison staring in defence before Maria Tutaia gets the crucial goal.

12:00 New Zealand 4 Australia 1 - NZ force the first turnover and take full advantage with van Dyk getting on the board.

14:09 New Zealand 1 Australia 1 -Maria Tutaia and Catherine Cox trade the opening goals.


Welcome to's live coverage of the second Test of the Constellation series where the Silver Ferns will be attempting to win their first series against Australia in eight years.

With momentum and 8,500 screaming fans behind them they are definitely in with a great chance, but New Zealand just have to cast their minds back to last season, where they were in an identical position, to know you can never take anything for granted against the old foe.

The home side will once again go into battle without captain Casey Williams who decided in the last hour that she won't take her place in the New Zealand defence because of her nagging knee injury.

"We were very tempted (to play her)," coach Wai Taumaunu told ONE News. "She is very close but it is not a risk we are prepared to take at his stage."

That means that New Zealand will go in the Test with the same starting seven that beat Australia 54-52 on Sunday.

Australia have resisted the temptation to bring towering shooter Caitlin Bassett into their starting line-up after she made big impact in the last quarter in Melbourne.

Catherine Cox will therefore start at goal-shoot in her 100th Test and will be partnered by Erin Bell, who replaces Natalie Medhurst at goal-attack.

The other change to the Australian line-up sees aggressive Queensland defender Laura Geitz replacing Bianca Chatfield at goal-keep and with Maria Tutaia and Irene van Dyk shooting at over 90% in Melbourne, she will need to be at her very best.

New Zealand: Katrina Grant (GK), Leana de Bruin (GD), Anna Harrison (WD), Laura Langman (C), Camilla Lees (WA), Maria Tutaia (GA), Irene van Dyk (GS)

Reserves: Jodi Brown, Kayla Cullen, Cathrine Latu, Camilla Lees.

Australia: Laura Geitz (GK), Julie Corletto (GD), Mo'onia Gerrard (WD), Natalie von Bertouch (C), Kimberlee Green (WA), Erin Bell (GA), Catherine Cox (GS).

Reserves: Madison Browne, Rebecca Bulley, Bianca Chatfield, Natalie Medhurst.