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Episode 7 - Papatoetoe

This week on Neighbourhood Megan Alatini takes us on a cultural tour of Papatoetoe.

We visit the local High School where they’ve responded to the needs of the community by introducing Hindi to the curriculum. We hear the touching tale of how one woman escaped the Khmer Rouge and has struggled to recreate momentoes of her past. Also on Neighbourhood this week - how community gardens are providing local immigrants with somewhere to cultivate their homeland produce, and we check out the stunning, and sometimes controversial,  work of local artist Tanu Gago.

Curator Bio
Megan Alatini 

Megan is a singer, actress and TV personality. Her family emigrated to New Zealand from South Africa in the late 1980s. In adddition to proudly celebrating her South African heritage she has embraced Tongan culture through her marriage to former All Black Pita Alatini. Megan still proudly lives in South Auckland with her young family.