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Episode 2 - Mt Albert


This week on Neighbourhood Chef and Dietitian Nadia Lim takes us on a tour of Mt Albert, the Auckland suburb in which she grew up.

We meet the Patels who tell the moving story of their traditional wedding gifts, visit the suburb's booming French Quarter, catch up with aspiring Burmese film-maker Yamin Tun and hear the emotional tale of one woman's fight to find work and fulfilment after many years spent  wandering the world as a refugee.

Curator Bio
Nadia Lim

Masterchef NZ 2011 winner Nadia is a chef and a dietitian who grew up in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert.

Her Dad is Malaysian Chinese, her Mum is Pakeha and she lived in Malaysia for several years as a child.

She credits her mixed cultural heritage with giving her a love for interesting food! These days she's passionate about promoting healthy eating and combating the ever-increasing problem of diabetes in our neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood Dish: Mt Albert

On the Mt Albert episode of Neighbourhood we explore the areas unique French Quarter.

Below is a traditional French recipe shared with us by the Pyrenees Chef Jerome Deffes.

Pyrenees Turkey + Cranberry Terrine Recipe
(makes 2 terrines of 1.5 - 2kg)


2kg pork mince
1 turkey (approx. 2 kg meat when boned and skinned) diced into 1 cm cubes
17 grams black pepper
50 grams garlic peeled and chopped finely
50 grams salt
300 fresh cranberries (if you decide to use dried cranberries you will need to soak them overnight)
8 eggs lightly beaten
3 big onions peeled, chopped and sweated
1 veal liver (approx. 900 grams) diced in small pieces like the turkey
30 grams provencal herbs
200 grams bread crumbs ( you can make a gluten-free version by omitting the bread, the texture will be a bit different, definitely better with bread but... it works without)
200 gram pancetta

Pre-heat the oven to 150C.

Mix all the ingredients together, reserving the pancetta, which you will use to "wrap" the terrine.

To assemble the terrine:

On baking paper spread out pancetta, using a small amount of the terrine mix to keep the slices of pancetta in place.

Line the terrine mould with the pancetta and baking paper. Add the rest of your mix making sure there is no air locked inside. Put the lid on the terrine mould, place in a roasting tray and pour in enough water to come 3 quarters of the way up the terrine. Cook until the internal temperature of the terrine reaches 70 C, about 1.5 - 2 hours. Allow to cool and refrigerate overnight.

Un-mould the terrine, slice, and enjoy with fresh bread and cornichons (gherkins).