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Valerie's gold 'justice served'

Published: 10:31PM Monday August 13, 2012 Source: ONE News

New Zealand Olympic Committee president Mike Stanley has described Valerie Adams gold medal as 'justice served'.

Adams has been awarded the medal, after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced today that Belarus's Nadzeya Ostapchuk, 33, was excluded from competition following a positive test for metenolone.

Stanley says the win confirms suspicions about Ostapchuk over the competition.

"Watching the competition and knowing the history of the Belarussian shotputter and how much she had improved over the summer, I guess there were some questions asked. Today's a vindication of those concerns and of Val's status as now Olympic shotput champion."

Valerie Adams says she was overcome with emotion at the news that she has been awarded the Olympic gold medal in the women's shot put.

"I am speechless with this news. It is taking me some time to take this in," said Adams from her base in Switzerland.

"It is huge and I am absolutely thrilled of course. It makes me extraordinarily proud as a New Zealander.

"It is also encouraging for those athletes, like myself who are proud to compete cleanly, that the system works and doping cheats are caught," she said.

The New Zealand Olympic Committee Secretary General Kereyn Smith congratulated Adams on her gold medal and says the honour is well deserved. She added that the vast majority of New Zealand athletes are proud to compete cleanly on the world's stage. 

New Zealand Chef de Mission Dave Currie said the news was wonderful and he is very proud of Adams.

Adams threw 20.70m in the shot put final at the Olympic Stadium on 6 August and was awarded silver behind the Belarusian who had taken gold with 21.36m. It was the first time Adams had been beaten by Ostapchuk in nearly two years.

With Adams now awarded the gold medal, the Russian Federation's Evgeniia Kolodko takes second place, while Lijiao Gong, of the People's Republic of China has been awarded the bronze medal.

Ostapchuk is the first athlete at the London Games to have been stripped of a medal.

New Zealand now sits at 15th on the medal table.

IOC withdraws gold medal from Ostapchuk

The IOC executive board announced that it has disqualified, withdrawn the medal from, and excluded Ostapchuk from the London Olympic Games.

According to a statement released by the IOC, Ostapchuk was first requested to provide a urine sample for a doping control on 5 August.

She competed the next day in the women's shot put event, where she placed first, and was asked to provide a sample straight after her competition.

Both samples indicated the presence of metenolone, which is classified as anabolic agent under the 2012 Prohibited List.

Under the IOC Anti-Doping Rules applicable to the 2012 London Olympic Games, testing took place under the IOC's auspices from 16 July to 12 August 2012.

Over the course of the London Games, the IOC carried out some 5000 tests - 3800 urine and 1200 blood.