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Tui's gay dad ad gets mixed reviews

Published: 9:39AM Saturday April 27, 2013 Source: ONE News

  • A Tui advertisement has been slammed (Source: Facebook)
    A Tui advertisement has been slammed - Source: Facebook

A Tui beer billboard in Wellington which appears to poke fun at same-sex marriage has been labelled "offensive".

The ad reads, "Dad's new husband seems nice", followed by Tui's infamous tagline "yeah right".

There has been mixed reaction online, with some saying it's "narrow minded" and "shameful", while others say it is "funny" and people need to "chill a bit".

A Facebook group has been created calling for the billboard to be taken down.

Chanel Roulton, the creator of Take Down the Tui Ad on the Hutt Motorway, said the advertisement was "so wrong in so many ways".

"I will no longer be drinking tuis because of this! Time to take a stand and take this crap off!"

DC Sheehan posted on the page: "There will be a lot of people who say 'get a sense of humour' about this. Personally I think it's Tui who needs a lesson in what constitutes 'funny'."

The image was also posted on the Gay Red Shirt Day Facebook page.

Kerry Harpur responded to the post: "A bit like their beer, lacking a certain taste."

And Carlos Cordero said it was "offensive".

But, Hamish Bowker commented on the photo: "I think it's hilarious. Don't take everything so seriously."

And Penny Ehrhardt posted "it's cool".

"Normalising gay marriage in a laconically Kiwi way. Total equality."

The Marriage Equality Act will come into force on August 19.

The amendment to the law, which will allow same-sex couples to marry for the first time, was approved by Parliament earlier this month and has received Royal assent.