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Suspected skimmers stopped at Auckland Airport

Published: 9:16PM Tuesday May 01, 2012 Source: ONE News

  • Auckland airport (Source: ONE News)
    Auckland airport - Source: ONE News

Two suspected card skimmers have been stopped from entering New Zealand.

Acting Head of Immigration New Zealand (INZ) Steve McGill said the men were intercepted when they arrived in Auckland on a flight from Guangzhou in China after officials at the border were alerted by INZ profiling experts.

The two men, a Bulgarian and a Romanian, had their belongings searched by Customs. Electronic equipment was found and kept for further investigation.

"The men could give no valid reason for coming to New Zealand," McGill said.

"They had limited knowledge of New Zealand and did not know the location of the attractions they supposedly wanted to visit."

"Given the information we had about these men and the fact they could not provide a satisfactory explanation for their reasons for coming to New Zealand, we denied them entry and they returned to Guangzhou," Mr McGill says.

Earlier this month INZ stopped nine suspected Bulgarian card skimmers from entering the country.