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Suspected meteor seen in NZ skies

Published: 6:50PM Monday April 02, 2012 Source: ONE News

A suspected meteor has been spotted by people across the country tonight.

The object, described by many eyewitnesses as a "bright fireball" followed by long vapour cloud, was spotted from as far south as Ashburton to the Waikato town of Tirau, around 6.30pm.

Photos sent to ONE News show a curly, white trail in the sky - check out pictures here

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Katy Robb said: "We saw it streak and then burn itself out in a big flash. The residue of light lingered for several minutes afterwards."

Olivia Atkinson said it looked like a "giant ball of fire" that "exploded at the end". She said she could only see it for five seconds.

Anton Jelinek spotted the phenomenon from Wakefield in Tasman District.

"It started out green, and the progressed through red and orange to a very bright white," he said.

"It left a white trial which lasted for a few minutes."

The Carter Observatory said on its Facebook page it appeared to be a meteor burning up in Earth's atmosphere.