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Settled period of weather predicted until April

Published: 12:50PM Friday February 01, 2013 Source: ONE News

New Zealand is set for a settled period of weather over the rest of the summer and into the start of autumn, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research predicts.

While the summer to date has been drier than normal for northern parts of the country, Niwa says rainfall levels will be around average, or slightly higher between February and April.

The Pacific Ocean is in a neutral state which should mean New Zealand avoids the extremes of weather associated with El Nino and La Nina weather systems.

Niwa says temperatures between February and April are likely to be near average or above average in the north of the North Island, and near average in all other regions.

The south of the country is expected to experience slightly higher pressures than normal, but rainfall levels are predicted to be around normal levels.

The risk of an ex-Tropical Cyclone affecting New Zealand is also normal. On average the country experiences the tail end of one cyclone between November and April.

Northern parts of the country were particularly badly hit by ex-Tropical Cyclone Evan which affected the country in December.

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