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Scott Guy trial: Accused contradicts other witnesses

Published: 10:30AM Friday June 15, 2012 Source: ONE News / Fairfax

Accused Ewen Macdonald gave evidence to police which contradicts the testimony of other witnesses in the Scott Guy murder trial.

Police read a statement in the High Court in Wellington today taken from Macdonald two weeks after Guy had been shot on his Feilding Farm.

In it, he said he found out that a firearm was used the day after Guy had died.

However, Guy's older sister Nikki told the court last week Macdonald had insisted Scott had been shot that morning as the family gathered immediately after her brother's body was found.

Macdonald, who is Guy's brother-in-law, has denied murdering the Feilding farmer by shooting him twice in the driveway of his home on July 8, 2010.

In his statement Macdonald told police everything had been normal the day before the shooting. He locked up the workshop for the day before going home.

Macdonald later got a text from Scott about the next day, saying he would do the early start for milking. Macdonald then changed his alarm clock to 4.50am as he was not intending to be the first one there for milking.

He said he went to bed and watched a TV programme he had recorded, "It would have either been Grey's Anatomy or Criminal Minds," he said.

Solid night's sleep

In his words he slept "solidly" all night and remembered his alarm going off. He said he was almost subconsciously listening for Guy starting work.

"You could hear the bikes starting up and going to the milking shed," he said.

Once up, Macdonald said he realised he could see Scott's ute was not there.

"I thought Scott must have slept in and I thought I better hurry up and get out there."

He said he could see farm worker Matthew Ireland in his car. He got the workshop key, and while walking over heard another car, which he assumed was Simon Asplin, the farm's assistant manager, arriving.

"I said to Matt, 'Scotty's not here' and he said something like 'he must have slept in'."

He also said he said something about sleeping beauty to Asplin and said he would send him a text.

When he heard his brother-in-law was dead, Macdonald rushed to the scene and said he saw Scott lying on the ground.

"I could see obvious blood around Scott's head area," he said.

"I could not say much more about Scott as I did not want to look any more, and it was very obvious that he was dead, he looked limp and flat."

The truck driver who found Guy thought his throat had been cut.

Macdonald fully co-operated with police during three days of interviews, even drawing diagrams of the scene.

Police also searched Macdonald's house for a pair of diving boots they believed the killer wore, but failed to find any.

Gun evidence

Macdonald told police he owned a rifle with a scope but usually borrowed firearms off his father.

He was asked who owned firearms on the farm and outlined a number of guns associated with several people.

Macdonald said if he was going duck shooting he could borrow guns from his father who owned a hunting store.

He said he had put his rifle in a gunsafe in the farm office in the time since Guy's death.

He told the police he did not know where the key to the gunsafe was.

The Crown has proposed to the jury that a shotgun kept in the farm office was used to shoot Guy.