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Rotorua mother admits killing baby

Published: 4:54PM Tuesday April 17, 2012 Source: Newtalk ZB

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A Rotorua mother has pleaded guilty to the 2011 manslaughter of her two-month old son.

In the High Court today, Ngaire Tukiwaho admitted to failing to make all reasonable efforts to save the life of her baby, who suffocated while sleeping in a car with her.

The day before her son died Tukiwaho had been drinking heavily first at her sister's place and then at home. Later in the night she had a heated argument with her partner and was struck in the face.

Scared for her safety she decided to sleep in a car near her sister's house.

She slept across the backseat with her baby resting on her right shoulder, but during the night he slipped and suffocated behind her arm.

Tukiwaho has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced at the end of May.

She had name suppression until November 28, when it was lifted by Judge Jocelyn Munro.