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Roast Busters ringleader is 'arrogant' - parents

Published: 6:30PM Thursday November 07, 2013 Source: ONE News

The family of one of the Roast Busters say he is "arrogant" and an "idiot" but do not believe he is a rapist.

The Roast Busters are a group of Auckland men, aged 17 and 18, who allegedly had sex with drunk underage girls and subsequently bragged about it on Facebook.

One of the so-called Roast Busters, Beraiah Hales, is believed to be one of the group's ringleaders.

In 2011, Beraiah, then aged 15, was interviewed by police after a 13-year-old girl claimed she was sexually assaulted by the gang.

Today, Beraiah's mother and step-father said they were worried by the allegations but did not think he was "capable" of such assault.

The couple spoke exclusively to ONE News today, but asked that their faces were not revealed in order to protect their other children.

"It is a serious allegation so I was worried," his mother told ONE News reporter Lisa Owen.

However, she said that she could not remember whether or not he admitted having sex with the girl.

The police later told Beraiah's mother that there was insufficient evident to take the matter any further.

"We don't really think he is capable of that sort of thing," said Beraiah's step-father.

"He is arrogant and incredibly silly and an idiot and the bragging sort of thing is really disgusting," he added.

The couple also told ONE News that they were horrified to learn about the type of comments the Roast Buster's had been posting online.

"It's like them acting. So for them it is a bit like a reality TV show," his stepfather said.

"To brag about it, to make other people feel small is the thing that gets us. It's not nice," the stepfather said.

The couple said that Beraiah is now estranged from his family.

They said he is a difficult teenager who had previously received councilling and special schooling.

The couple have not spoken to Beraiah since the allegations resurfaced, but they have a clear message for him.

"Don't be so bloody stupid and stop treating people as entertainment," the stepfather said.

The family supports the police investigation and say it is in everyone's interest for this case to be resolved quickly.