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Public support for moving summer hols says Dunne

Published: 9:25AM Monday January 21, 2013 Source: ONE News

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A proposal to move New Zealand's formal summer holiday period to take advantage of the season's best weather is gaining public support, MP Peter Dunne says.

The United Future leader says there should be a national discussion about the idea after he received some positive feedback.

"We all go back to work, we settle in for the year and the good weather comes," he explained to TV ONE's Breakfast.

"What it would mean would be taking a much shorter break at Christmas maybe just the period between Christmas and new year, come back to work and have our holiday later on."

Dunne said the holiday period could be moved to February and possibly into March.

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"There are implications for school holidays but they're not insurmountable.

"I think a lot of parents with kids back at school in February when the weather's good will probably welcome having them at home when the weather's good and out of their hair during the more unsettled month of January."

He said many people were frustrated by having to return to work before the best summer weather arrives.

Business NZ CEO Phil O'Reilly said moving holidays is a nice idea but not practical.

He said the weather is better in February but because no-one else takes their holidays then it would leave New Zealand businesses out of step with overseas trading partners.

In 2007 a Research NZ poll found 44% of people thought the summer holiday should be moved while 51% thought it should be left alone. 5% of people were undecided.