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Prince Charles, Camilla's NZ visit cost over $700k

Published: 2:27PM Wednesday December 12, 2012 Source: ONE News

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall's six day tour of the country has cost New Zealand taxpayers over $700,000.

Figures released today by the Department of Internal Affairs show the cost of the couple's Diamond Jubilee tour from November 10-16 was $766,000. This does not include the costs incurred by individual councils.

More than $1 million was budgeted for the tour.

The salaries of staff involved in the tour came in at $297,000, including 15 of Charles and Camilla's British-based staff such as media managers, household support and event organisers. It was forecast to cost $287,000.

On top of this the taxpayer paid for security, which cost $3,000, although this was well under the budgeted $18,000.

The costs of personal protection officers who are a regular fixture for the couple were met by the London Metropolitan Police.

The royal couple visited Auckland, Wellington, Manawatu and Christchurch during the tour and Prince Charles celebrated his 64th birthday at Government House on November 14.

For the November visit, New Zealand co-ordinated with Australia to share external costs evenly.

Charles and Camilla's travel, both nationally and internationally, cost the New Zealand taxpayer $93,000.

The Royal New Zealand Air Force flew the delegation from Canberra to Auckland, Christchurch to Singapore, and on four internal flights.

No additional budget was required by the RNZAF as the travel was covered by the annual flying hours requirement for Boeing 757 crews to maintain their specified competencies.

Related defence costs were also standard components of military training, skills and operational requirements. Security operations undertaken by New Zealand police were covered within their normal operational budget.

Eleven foreign media representatives were carried on the RNZAF flight from Canberra and three internal RNZAF flights and also provided with ground transport, at no charge.

A New Zealand artist was attached to the delegation at the personal expense of The Prince of Wales.

And they met the costs of their own accommodation and related expenses.

The costs:

Scoping assessment visits $21,000
Advance visit $103,000
Accommodation and meals $61,000
Travel (international and domestic) $93,000
VIP and ground transport $78,000
Events (Armistice Service, welcome, visitor centre opening) $21,000
Security $3000
Communications and Information (photography, communications and media) $36,000
Salaries $287,000
Operating expenses $16,000
Office Accommodation $26,000
Miscellaneous and contingency $21,000

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