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Poll boost for Labour and David Shearer

Published: 7:28PM Sunday December 02, 2012 Source: ONE News

Labour Party Leader David Shearer has received a big boost from the latest ONE News/Colmar Brunton poll.

Support for his party is up and, along with a boost for the Greens, means the centre-left would hold the majority in parliament if an election were held and assuming all of the current electorate seats were held.

The Labour Party was thrust into the spotlight last month at their annual conference. It was meant to cement Shearer's hold on the party leadership but he was undermined by rival David Cunliffe, says ONE News Political Editor Corin Dann.

But the row did not rub off in the polls.

In the final ONE News/Colmar Brunton poll of the year, support for Labour climbed three percentage points to 35%, its highest level since last year's election.

National slipped one point to 44%, and the Greens gained one point to finish the year at 13%.

New Zealand First dropped one point to 4%; the Maori Party was also down one percentage point; while United Future, Act and the Conservatives held steady at 1%.

If those were election results, Labour would hold 45 seats out of parliament's 120.

When combined with the Greens' 17 seats, the centre-left would have 62, enough to form a government without relying on any of the minor parties.

National would remain the largest party with 55 seats, but it still would not have the numbers to take power even if it added the Maori Party's three seats and one each from United Future and Act.

However, David Shearer still has a long road ahead, said Dann. His party remains divided and another leadership vote is required in just two months.