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PM says a safe plank fine by him

Published: 6:37AM Tuesday May 31, 2011 Source: ONE News

Prime Minister John Key has come out in defence of the planking craze after a photo of his son performing the act began circulating on the internet.

The photo shows Max Key performing the act with the Prime Minister standing behind him in the family lounge.

Key this morning confirmed the photo was of his son Max, but sat on the fence when asked his thoughts about the fad.

But this afternoon he told ONE News: "As long as you're careful, I'm sure it [planking] will be fine."

Max's picture - called the PM plank - has been uploaded to the Planking New Zealand Facebook page, where people have left comments applauding his efforts and Key's watchful eye.

"Dad's there for safety reasons no doubt," the posting says.

"This a Key plank," one person posted.

The Prime Minister told Radio Station the Edge previously that he himself hadn't yet had a go at the fad.

"I haven't done it, I think it would be alright if you do it in bed... but not if you do it on an eight-storey building," he said.

He also said it was he who had shown 15-year-old Max the fad in the first place.

"I was one step ahead on this one, I showed Max it first on YouTube," he said.

The planking craze has seen more than 12,770 people join the Planking New Zealand Facebook page.

But it has been blamed for at least one death after a Brisbane man fell seven storeys while planking on a narrow balcony railing.

Another Australian man is in a coma after planking on top of a car that stopped suddenly.

In New Zealand a student was disciplined for planking on a railway line with a train approaching.

But it seems unlikely Max Key will come to much harm planking in the lounge.

What do you think? Is planking dangerous or just a bit of fun? Have your say on the messageboard below.

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  • rach67 said on 2011-06-01 @ 08:09 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I think looks like great fun. On the whole its just good clean fun. John Key is quite realistic in his opinion of planking.

  • Julie B said on 2011-05-31 @ 19:18 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Planking is for plonkers and that includes the very dignified leader of our country who wants to be one of the boys!

  • jessierose3 said on 2011-05-31 @ 18:44 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I cant believe people are saying that it is dangerous because some person died by falling off a seven story building or whatever. that's just like saying walking is dangerous because someone did it on the side of a seven story building. anything is dangerous if your stupid with it. but someone planking on their couch in their lounge, i can think of much more dangerous things. maybe we should stop people gardening. all those sharp handtools and lawnmowers. its called common sense.

  • rachey101 said on 2011-05-31 @ 18:44 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Planking is actually really fun. If you're dumb enough to do it from a life risking spot, that's not anyone else's problem. It's just another phase anyway. If you're so worried it'll be 'out of fashion' soon. For the mean time people shall plank as the like. I plank in P.E. with my friends. It's good times.

  • mossmanboxer said on 2011-05-31 @ 13:45 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Planking on the ground can also be dangerous. Imagine planking on the ground next to a nest of fire ants or planking on the ground in a lightning storm. My message is planking is clearly the most dangerous thing ever invented in the history of everything. So if you want to die and give old and stupid people something to talk about please just break out a massive plank. David Williams you are my hero.