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Paint stench forces family from their home

Published: 6:01AM Saturday September 07, 2013 Source: ONE News

Lingering paint fumes from a tin of paint has prompted an emergency services callout to a Porirua home.

Karen and Scott Odell purchased oil-based paint from Pete's Emporium in Porirua around a week ago.

However, Mrs Odell said she sensed something was wrong as soon as she started painting the wall of her daughter's room.

She said she told her children to stay outside while she and her husband attempted to strip the paint off the wall.

"It's burnt me all in here, I can feel it in my lungs my lips, my tongue started swelling I lost my vision," she said.

On Thursday, after the fumes persisted, she called the health authorities, who assessed the home immediately.

Mrs Odell said there is little their insurance company can do, even though all of her daughter's belongings are ruined.

"All her clothes, I washed them, I put softener in them, can't take the smell out... it will not come out," she said.

She said that she wants to see the product banned.

ONE News reporter Daniel Faitaua said the owner of the store where the paint was purchased, Pete Bunn, told him that the product has been taken off the shelves as he awaits information from the supplier.

But Mr Bunn said enamel paint is not to be used inside.

Mr Odell disagreed saying: "You can use oil based paint enamel in bathrooms and that so nah, we bought it, we weren't told about it."

Those in the painting industry advise consumers to opt for water-based paint when renovating.

Michael Beasley, of the National Poisons Centre, said it is important people always read the label of a product.

"It's always worth looking at the label and see if there is any particular warnings on label and talk to somebody who knows some paints are designed for outdoor use only and clearly you need to be careful for indoors particularly in confined spaces," he said.

The paint is undergoing testing, with results expected with the coming weeks.