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Otago student banned for swearing

Published: 6:32PM Thursday November 05, 2009 Source: ONE News

A student who got caught up in Dunedin's Undie 500 riots has been banned from university, even though he did not break any laws.
Jack Crawford swore at someone on the street, which goes against Otago's tough student's code of conduct.

The out of control riots, a fire-lit war zone where over 500 drunken students rioted against police are the images that most people were left with after this year's Undie 500.

And for Crawford, it is a weekend that has come back to haunt him.

The commerce student has been suspended for a semester after swearing at university staffers outside his flat.

"I broke the code of conduct to be fair. But swearing at Campus Watch when I thought they were in the wrong & probably not the right idea& I think I'm a bit hard done by," says Crawford.

And he doesn't think it's fair.  

"I wasn't throwing bottles, I wasn't lighting couches, I wasn't causing any fuss at all," says Crawford.

Even before the Undie 500, the university had warned students they could be expelled for breaching the code.

It was a controversial set of rules, controlling behaviour on and off campus.

It's already being challenged in court in a judicial review filed after a student at a toga party was banned for throwing an egg.
While the university would not be interviewed, they have put out a release saying they will not discuss the details of individual cases but there are a number of other disciplinary processes underway.

That may mean more suspensions for some students but for Crawford his main worry at the moment is just getting through exams.