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NZ's first love motel set to open doors

Published: 6:30PM Wednesday May 11, 2011 Source: ONE News

New Zealand's first 'love motel' is set to open tomorrow on Auckland's North Shore despite public outcry from neighbouring businesses and residents.

From the outside, the country's first fully licensed 'love motel' blends in with its neighbouring industrial buildings, but on the inside are six fantasy rooms which are available for rent by the hour.

The owners, Ana and husband Frederico Ronnau told ONE New they are hoping to attract online daters, singles as well as married couples.

"After you are married for five, or 10, or 15 years you have to do something different to spice up your relationship you need to escape the routine."

For $80 an hour couples have their choice of thematic suites which range from the Karma Sutra to the Moulin Rouge; Cleopatra or a Roman Room, if you want to share.

Alongside the rooms for hire there is a VIP party area, fitted out with a spa pool and a dancing pole, the room is designed for larger groups.

The opening of the Desire Love Hotel come with its share of controversy, the Ronnaus tried for an unnecessary brothel licence a year ago and failed after neighbours flooded the council with opposing submissions.
"We applied which was the wrong thing to do, but that's all in the past, it's done and dusted and we're all good with the neighbours now."

But some local residents, like Chris Marshall told ONE News they are still uneasy about the business opening in the area.

"It's we have school kids who will be walking past the place, it's just in the wrong place."

ONE News was told the council will not monitor whether it sticks within the law, because Desire never obtained the brothel license, it is only within council power to monitor complaints.

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