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New legislation on drug utensils in force

Published: 9:43PM Monday May 12, 2014 Source: ONE News

  • Drug utensils (Source: ONE News)
    Drug utensils - Source: ONE News

New legislation on importing and selling illegal drug utensils came into force today.

Until now a legal loophole meant drug paraphernalia could be imported in component parts.

Under the new law, shops can't sell or display cannabis and methamphetamine pipes although tobacco utensils like hookah pipes are still permitted.

But there are worries the new law encourages users to smoke drugs in more harmful ways, such as in joints.

NORML spokesman Chris Fowlie says water pipes cool the smoke, and filter out smoke, ash and tar while vapourisers are "even better" because they don't produce ash or tar.

"If you're going to consume cannabis those are safer ways," Mr Fowlie says.