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Near drug-resistant STI causes concern

Published: 2:49PM Sunday June 10, 2012 Source: Newstalk ZB

All gay and bisexual men in Auckland are being urged to get tested for the Gonorrhea, due to an outbreak of a strain which is almost drug-resistant.

Gonorrhoea, which is also referred to as 'the clap', have broken out among gay and bisexual men in the city, and clinicians and lab specialists are particularly concerned that it is nearing drug resistance here.

Free testing services have been increased, and the strain can still be treated despite the early signs of reduced susceptibility to treatment showing up in lab tests.

The AIDS Foundation is among those offering increased testing services.

The foundation's spokeswoman Dawn O'Connor says one of the most difficult aspects of this outbreak is that many men won't have any symptoms.

O'Connor said it's of serious concern both that there is an outbreak, and that it's showing signs of drug resistance.

She said STIs and other diseases become much more expensive and difficult to treat when the first line of drugs starts to fail.