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Name suppression lifted for cold case murder-accused

Published: 11:55AM Friday March 16, 2012 Source: Fairfax/ ONE News

  • Menzies Reginald John Hallett (Source: Fairfax)
    Menzies Reginald John Hallett - Source: Fairfax
  • Rodney Tahu (Source: Supplied)
    Rodney Tahu - Source: Supplied

Name suppression for the Rotorua man accused of a 32-year-old murder has been lifted this morning.

Judge Simon France lifted name suppression for Menzies Reginald John Hallett at the High Court at Rotorua today.

Hallett, 71, a Rotorua real estate agent, was charged in December with the alleged murder of Turangi service station attendant Rodney Tahu in 1979.

Father-of-two Tahu was shot in the head and shoulder on the forecourt of the Turangi service station in the early hours of August 16 1979.

He was found lying in a pool of blood and died shortly afterwards.

Tahu's widow told ONE News, following the accused's arrest, that her family is still struggling with the murder.

And Tahu's friend Anton Bryant, whose father owned the service station where Tahu was shot, said the gruesome memories of his murder have stayed with Turangi.

"It was a horrendously traumatic event which upset all of Turangi," he said.