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Mountaineers safely back home after dramatic rescue

Published: 6:32PM Friday May 17, 2013 Source: ONE News

Two mountaineers are safely back in New Zealand after a 36 hour rescue mission on one of the highest peaks of the Himalayas.

Two weeks ago Scott Scheele fell nearly 100m down the face of the peak called Anidesha Chuli or the White Wave, sparking a dramatic rescue courtesy of his climbing buddy Ben Dare.

Scheele, an American working as a Fox Glacier mountain guide, was just 300m from the peak when he fell.

His fall triggered an avalanche, however Dare was able to hold on and climb down to his climbing mate.

"Scott was 40, 45 metres below me hanging upside down, unconscious...after seeing how far he'd come down...I was fearing the worst," said Dare.

He told ONE News he feared the worst and was overwhelmed with relief when he reached Scheele.

After a long night in -30 degrees conditions, Dare lowered Scheele out and returned to camp at 6000m where teammates activated the emergency beacon.

From there Scheele was airlifted to Kathmandu Hospital.

With no recollection of the incident, Scheele said he is just keen to keep climbing.