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Mother leaves baby in car with note

Published: 5:55AM Monday March 25, 2013 Source: ONE News

Passers-by say they were stunned to find a mother had left her baby alone in a car in a parking lot at a grocery store with a note with her cellphone number on it.

A man told the NZ Herald he spotted the baby alone in a car at Pak'nSave in Porirua at about 9am on Saturday.

He said he was shocked to see a hand-written note resting on top of the baby's blanket which said: "My mum's in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything", with the mother's cellphone number.

He said he waited by the car "for a little bit, wondering if the mum was just going to be two seconds and come back".

"My wife said, 'I'm not going in without someone being here with the baby'".

Two other passers-by arrived and he said he and his wife went into the supermarket before the mother had come out because they had a baby and were in a hurry, The NZ Herald reported.

The other people then called the woman and waited next to the car until she returned.

The man said the baby looked well cared for, and "thought it was just a silly decision by a tired mother".

It follows a case where a mother left her five children locked in van while she and her partner gambled at Auckland's SkyCity Casino last year.

The mother, 29, was discharged without conviction, while the father, 39, was convicted and discharged for leaving a child under the age of 14 without adequate supervision in the Auckland District Court.