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More letters for typographer

Published: 6:34PM Monday June 07, 2010 Source: ONE News

A New Zealander world famous for his ABCs has got new letters after his name thanks to the Queen's Birthday Honours.

Joseph Churchward is a Samoan-born font typographer and most people have probably used some of his designs in their own creations.

The 78-year-old graphic designer and typographer is the world's most prolific typesetter, and despite computers still creates every font by hand.

And his fonts are found all over the world.

"If you look it up on your computer you'll see my name - Joseph Churchward - I'm...on all the computers throughout the world," says Churchward.

Ever since he can remember, churchward has been doodling with letters. He says one of his early memories is of being taken to the beach, scribbling ABC on the sand, and seeing the waves coming in and wiping it out.

Family has always been an inspiration and his favourite font is named after his daughter, Mariana.

He says he is honoured to receive the Queen's Service Medal, but is still after the big prize.

"I prefer sir," he jokes.