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More appeals on the cards after Dotcom raid warrant ruled valid

Published: 12:13PM Wednesday February 19, 2014 Source: ONE News

Kim Dotcom is likely to seek an appeal to the highest court in the land after the Court of Appeal found the search warrants police used during the raid on his mansion were flawed, but valid.

The internet tycoon's lawyer, Ira Rothken, has tweeted: "Our @KimDotcom legal team is reviewing the rulings made by the Court of Appeal and will likely seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court."

However, the Appeal Court upheld a High Court decision that it was unlawful for police to send copies of 135 electronic items seized during the raid to the US.

And the Crown is not ruling out an appeal of its own.

"I don't wish to be evasive but it's always best to adopt the principal of the less said the better said while there are appeal periods running," says Attorney General Chris Finlayson.

In its ruling released today, the Court of Appeal accepted that the search warrants were "defective in some respects, but the defects were not sufficient to mean that the warrants should be treated as nullities".

'Challenge evil'

Following the decision, Dotcom tweeted that he had been the victim of a "witch hunt" because he had launched a political party and released an album.

"I'm not sorry that fighting back, getting up and being successful are encoded in my DNA. I'm happy I can support my family & challenge evil," he wrote.

Police spokesperson Grant Ogilvie said they had noted the judgement and will take time to discuss it in full with Crown lawyers.

The Solicitor General's office says it will not be making any comment on the decision.

Act MP John Banks was asked by ONE News if he will be happy to see the back of Kim Dotcom if he is extradited.

"It's a big back," Mr Banks replied, before walking off.