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Ministry clears 8000 Novopay issues

Published: 5:47PM Monday November 19, 2012 Source: ONE News

A backlog of Novopay transactions have been cleared by the Ministry of Education as the Government works to fix problems with the teacher pay system.

Tens of thousands of teachers around New Zealand have been caught up in the flawed system since its introduction three months ago.

The Ministry today cleared 8000 paper-based transactions from Novopay's early pay periods and said schools would be reimbursed for additional audit costs.

Secretary for Education Lesley Longstone said all affected schools would be contacted from today about their end-of-year reports.

"At the moment nothing is more important than teachers and other school staff getting accurately paid and we need to get a good picture from schools about where they are currently at with Novopay."

Longstone said it was disappointing to have problems with the new system.

"I know a number of school staff and payroll administrators have been frustrated trying to work through them and we have shared that frustration."

Longstone said the Ministry would work with Novopay provider Talent2 and thanked staff for their patience.