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Lt Tim O'Donnell's funeral - as it happened

Published: 12:05PM Wednesday August 11, 2010 Source: ONE News

A military funeral has been held at the Linton Military Camp near Palmerston North today for Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell, who was killed while on patrol in Afghanistan's Bamiyan province last week.

Below are's live updates from the funeral service:

2:41pm: Pallbearers lift the casket and carry it out of the room to the song Blaze of Glory. Mourners follow the casket as the ceremony comes to an end.

2:38pm: Mourners stand for the committal.

2:35pm: Laurence Binyan reads For the Fallen.

2:31pm: Mourners sing The Gambler by Kenny Rogers.

2:25pm: Cleary - "Through thick and thin, through all the years, you were such an amazing friend, son and brother."

2:22pm: Friend Anna Cleary takes the stage.

2:19pm: Plays song He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

2:18pm: O'Donnell - "You will always be our son and brother. We love you. See you later, bro'."

2:15pm: O'Donnell - "One of Tim's things was to call 'brown eye' at his unsuspecting sister."

2:15pm: O'Donnell - "As well as being my brother, Tim was also one of my best friends."

2:14pm: Brother Andrew O'Donnell takes the stage.

2:13pm: Farmer - "Anzac day will never be the same for us."

2:12pm: Farmer - "We're all very sad. We did not want this to happen. We are learning to live with it."

2:11 pm: Farmer - "The army became Tim's life. He was not a perfect soldier but he was born to be a soldier."

2:10pm: Farmer - "He changed from a boy to a man during his time with the army."

2:09pm: Farmer - "Winning for Tim was very important. But everybody wanted to be on his team."

2:04pm: Farmer - "He was known by many names: Tim Donald Duck and occasionally bloody hell Tim."

2:03pm: Uncle Trevor Farmer takes the stage.

2:03pm: O'Donnell - "We New Zealanders owe it to Tim to shake off our complacency."

2:02pm: O'Donnell - "We O'Donnells have remained true conservative Kiwis."

2:01pm: O'Donnell - "We his family are absolutely gutted that he is no longer with us."

2:00pm: O'Donnell - "He believed that the army's values closely resembled his own."

1:58pm: O'Donnell - "He was a bit of a rogue our Tim."

1:56pm: Barry O'Donnell, Tim's uncle, takes the stage accompanied by Tim's cousins.

1:49pm: Music and slide tribute shows photos of Lt. O'Donnell from throughout his life.

1:49pm: McAslan - "We will carry on your work Tim, but for today we will take you on your last patrol."

1:48pm: McAslan - "Self confidence was something Tim O'Donnell never lacked."

1:46pm: McAslan - "He was also very persistent. He would never leave you alone."

1:46pm: McAslan - "He loved regimental life and he loved the social aspects."

1:46pm: McAslan - "He was a hard bugger."

1:44pm: McAslan - "As a commander he was forthright, focused and had this ingrained desire to succeed."

1:42pm: McAslan - "Tim was also very quick to remind you of his capabilities."

1:41pm: McAslan - "He was an uncomplicated individual who was pragmatic."

1:40pm: McAslan - "He impressed on me as a guy who was very focused. That was Tim"

1:38pm: Commanding Officer 2nd/1st Battalion, Royal NZ Infantry Regiment, Lt Col Hugh McAslan takes the stage.

1:37pm: Minister reads the Lord's prayer.

1:36pm: Minister reads a prayer.

1:35pm: Mateparae - "He lived our battles, he lived his dream."

1:34pm: Mateparae - "Anything less than 100% or 100 miles per hour was not acceptable to Tim."

1:34pm: Mateparae - "Tim had real drive, energy and enthusiasm."

1:33pm: Mateparae - "To Tim's family, I would like to assure you that Tim made a real and tangible difference."

1:29pm: Mateparae - "His command and leadership was exemplary."

1:29pm: Mateparae - "Before Tim was anything else, he was a soldier."

1:26pm: Mateparae - "Let me say outright that in these situations my words seem inadequate."

1:24pm: Mateparae - "I acknowledge our loss today."

1:22pm: Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae, ONZM takes the stage.

1:21pm: Key - "He paid the highest price and his service will be invaluable. Tim will not be forgotten."

1:20pm: Key - "Our thoughts today are with the brave New Zealand men and women who are carrying on the work Tim did in Afghanistan."

1:18pm: Key - "A man who recognised the dangers of Afghanistan, but wanted to be there anyway to help the people of Bamiyan."

1:18pm: Key - "In recent days, I've had the privilege as Prime Minister of hearing stories about Tim from people who knew him best."

1:17pm: Key - "New Zealand has lost a fine young leader."

1:16pm: Prime Minister John Key takes the stage - watch the full speech here
Read the full speech here .

1:16pm: Satyanand - "It is with both sadness and pride that we now add his name to the long list of those New Zealanders who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to their nation. Today we honour and remember Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell as a son, an officer and a New Zealander. Rest in peace, haere ra, kia ora koutou."

1:14pm: Satyanand - "Lieutenant O'Donnell's death is a tragedy on a number of levels. First it is a personal tragedy for his parents and family who live with the intense grief of their loss. At this sad time New Zealanders generally extend deepest sympathies to the O'Donnell family."

1:12pm: Satyanand - "In April 2008, I met Lieutenant O'Donnell and his family to present him with the Distinguished Service Decoration at Government House, in recognition of what he had done during his service in Timor-Leste. On an occasion, he took decisive action to protect a Fretilin convoy that had come under attack. The citation read out at his investiture made it clear, that had it not been for the decisive intervention of his platoon, it is likely that a number of fatalities would have occurred."

1:11pm: Satyanand - "In his military career, Lieutenant O'Donnell, whose commission began on 5 December 2005, exemplified qualities that distinguish an officer of the New Zealand Defence Force.  An early posting for him was as a platoon commander in Timor-Leste."

1:08pm: Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand takes the stage for the first speech of the funeral -  read the full speech here

1:06pm: The minister begins proceedings.

1:05pm: Guests take their seats inside the gymnasium at the army base where the funeral is being held.

12:48pm: The military funeral service begins at the Linton Military Base.

12:30pm: Crowds of mourners arrive for Lt.O'Donnell's funeral.

12:20pm: Speakers will include the Prime Minister, the Governor General, Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae, and friends and family.

12pm: The body of Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell arrives at Linton Army Camp.