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Less drinking, crime and beneficiaries in Pacific communities - report

Published: 8:03AM Monday May 26, 2014 Source: ONE News

Pacific people are committing less crime, drinking less and less reliant on benefits, a new report has found.

The findings have been published today in the latest State of Pasifika People in New Zealand report by the Salvation Army.

The report highlighted the significant improvement Pacific people have made with alcohol consumption with the number of adults with drinking problems decreasing to 17.8% from 23.4% in the last eight to nine years.

Along with improvement in drinking culture, the report also found that rates of criminal offending among Pacific people had fallen by 27% over the past five years with youth offending remaining below the New Zealand average.

And the report found that the overall number of income support payments made to Pacific people had fallen to 7.9% a slight decline from 8.0% five years ago.

However, there has been a decline in the number of Pacific people owning their own home with 59% not living in their own place.

Pacific infant mortality also remains higher than the national rate with 20% more infant deaths than the overall population.

With Pacific people now making up 7.4% of the population, the Salvation Army says they want the report to evoke, agitate and stir New Zealanders so they will address the issues facing Pacific people this coming election.







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