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Last-minute fans could miss out on RWC tickets

Published: 5:44AM Friday July 01, 2011 Source: ONE News

Rugby fans are being warned they could miss out on tickets for the World Cup if they leave it to the last minute.

Organisers say they are on track to meet sales targets, despite tickets still being available for most games including the quarter finals and semi finals.

Martin Snedden, CEO of Rugby New Zealand 2011, said he is expecting to sell "a hell of a lot of tickets from this point on", with more tickets going on sale on Monday.

"We're urging fans to quickly take advantage of this sales period and secure the seats they want to witness rugby at its best," he said.

"There will be tickets available for most matches other than the final. This includes the semi-finals and the quarter-finals."

Snedden said a last-minute rush was a common trend in major sporting events.

However, Brent Thomas from House of Travel said latecomers may not be able to get the tickets they want.

"What we do know is 85,000 people are coming from overseas," he told ONE News.

"They have booked and are still booking (tickets) so the danger is New Zealanders could miss out."

Realistic target

Ticket sales have now reached 75% of the tournament's revenue target, totalling $200m to date. Around $31 million of sales have occurred over the last six weeks, with just over 900,000 tickets sold.  

With 450,000 tickets left to sell, Snedden said the target was still a realistic figure.

"If we track back to the Rugby World Cup in Australia in 2003, when they were at exactly the same stage as us, they had 35% of their tickets left to sell and they got there."

Snedden said a last-minute rush was a common trend in major sporting events.

"You sell the bulk of your ticket beforehand, but then in the final months, or during the event itself, you get that real rush.

"Once the event arrives, once people get really excited, those people who had been thinking about going to the World Cup, but hadn't done anything about it, finally do something about it."

Snedden said although not all matches will be sell-outs, it is expected that many will be.

"We are confident that we are going to sell these tickets, confident that we are going to have really good sized crowds for all the matches."

Rugby World Cup 2011 is forecasting total sales revenue of $268.5m based on 1.35 million tickets being sold from the 48 tournament matches.

The final release of tickets for pool matches goes on sale from 9am Monday July 4, and for knock-out matches from Tuesday July 5 at 9am. Prices from $41 to $460 for pool matches, depending on which teams are playing. 

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  • oakuran said on 2011-07-03 @ 09:04 NZDT: Report abusive post

    "Quick lets use TVNZ as our free advertising outlet and they'll pretend it's news to drum up some interest to try to shift these tickets". SKY TV will keep people at home and their money in their wallets. I for one will not be giving the greedy IRB a cent of my hard earned money.

  • lukeoldfield said on 2011-07-03 @ 03:52 NZDT: Report abusive post

    LOL... yeah quick... don't wanna miss out on those premium $71 seats to see Georgia vs Romainia in P-North If those in charge of (our) government owned airline actually used a few brian cells and tripled its capacity from Australia over this period then people like myself would have come home for it, spent our Australian dollars and added something to the economy... Instead its $2500 return from Perth... sod that i'll just make do with foxtel instead

  • Cold Beans said on 2011-07-01 @ 20:08 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Buy now while stocks last ! haha!