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King Kapisi supports Scribe's 'racist' arrest claim

Published: 9:52AM Monday November 21, 2011 Source: Fairfax

Hip hop MC and music producer King Kapisi has come out in support of rapper Scribe, who has alleged that his arrest on Saturday morning was "illegal" and "racist".

Police reject Scribe's claim that his arrest was racist.

The rapper - whose real name is Malo Luafutu - was arrested on Wellington's Courtenay Place in the early hours on a charge of disorder. Police described him as being heavily intoxicated, aggressive and threatening. After begin let go with a warning, Scribe posted his views of the incident on social media sites.

At 2.17am, he posted on his Facebook page: "I got arrested illegally tonight for rapping. Once I started telling the cops it was illegal for them to hold me without charge or reading my rights and delaying me from speaking to a lawyer they let me go ... hahaha F*** the police ...(sic)." 

Later he posted: "I was dissing the police in my freestyle and their ego couldn't handle it. Honest to God, I was taking photos from my fans while handcuffed! Lol (sic).

"I was right on Courtenay Place walking home with my cousin freestyling [impromptu rapping]. The cop tried to stop me from rapping. I said: 'Your eyes are dilated and you're chewing that gum hard out. Have you been smoking P?' (sic).

"Nek munnutt ... I'm under arrest and they arrest my cousin who was protesting against it. Half an hour later they let us go ...(sic)."

He also tweeted details of the incident, saying: "Just got out of the cells ... Pfffft F*** the police ... I got illegally arrested & released without charge. Wow I expected it from Chch but racist police in Welli! Wow ...!!!! (sic)"

King Kapisi has tweeted in support of Scribe, saying yesterday: "WTF?? Now our peoples @scribe are getting arrested 4 Freestyling??This is some Stoopid ignorant Sh*t!I cant Freestyle in town no more? #DUMB! (sic)."

He went on to say: "@mcscribe Damn uce.I cant believe what the fark is happening?Arrested 4 FREESTYLING?Might as well ARREST ME NOW!I freestyle everyday! #DUMB!" and " @uso70imp i truly cant believe" arrested" 4 freestyling?YO emcees/hip-hop worldwide out there..what y'all reckon about this Kaka/BULLSH*T?? (sic)"

He also tweeted that Courtenay Place had been his old stomping ground and he loved that place.

Acting Wellington area commander Detective Inspector Stephen Vaughan refuted the claims yesterday. "He was arrested by staff in central Wellington for disorder in the early hours of Saturday morning and taken to the Wellington Central police station. He was later released with a pre-charge warning.

"Mr Luafutu was heavily intoxicated and his behaviour was aggressive and threatening. I can understand people making excuses for their behaviour, but I am really disappointed that Mr Luafutu has raised allegations of racism, which was certainly not the case.

"Mr Luafutu is welcome to contact me personally to discuss any concerns he may have."

Witnesses contacted The Dominion Post yesterday and said Scribe's arrest had not been a case of racism. Jakab Chesterman said he was "around the incident when it happened" and said Scribe threatened the officers.