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Kim Dotcom's helicopter makes emergency landing

Published: 2:49PM Monday January 28, 2013 Source: ONE News

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom says his helicopter had to make an emergency landing on his way to meet broadcasting legend Sir Paul Holmes this afternoon.

Dotcom tweeted today: "On the way to a lunch with a real Knight".

But his flight to meet Sir Paul in Hawke's Bay was not without issues, with Dotcom posting: "No kidding. Emergency landing in the middle of nowhere."

He said his pilot was trying to identify the fault, after "fuel dropped to zero with rotor speed warning".

Forty minutes later Dotcom tweeted that the pilot had found a disconnected wire, and the fuel gauge was working again.

"This is the first time I agree with the prosecutor. Flying is a RISK!!," he said.

Dotcom tweeted "we're back in business" at 2.42pm.

He later posted a picture of himself posing with Sir Paul.

The emergency landing came after an appearance at the International Air Show in Auckland today.

Dotcom tweeted: "Come see the #Mega chopper @nzairshow with Jetman, Red Bull and an insane worlds first stunt. Awesome!"

The Air Show is held at the North Shore Aerodrome and is a three day event.