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Kim Dotcom 'overshadowed' work - GCSB

Published: 7:17PM Thursday December 20, 2012 Source: ONE News

The Government Communications Security Bureau admits the Kim Dotcom saga has overshadowed its work this year.

ONE News has details from the annual reports for the GCSB and New Zealand's Security Intellidence Service (SIS).

Prime Minister John Key confirmed in September that his security bureau, the GCSB, had illegally intercepted Dotcom's communications prior to a raid on the internet tycoon's Coastesville mansion.

A report into the breach found the bureau had not checked Dotcom's immigration status thoroughly and should not have been intercepting his communications as he held a permanent resident's visa.

It has been revealed today that three other cases were flagged as potentially breaking the rules as a result of similiar sounding names and "misuse of equipment".

The SIS had 23 warrants and the average time for monitoring was 153 days.

The GCSB will not reveal how many people they have monitored for security reasons.

The case against Dotcom has unravelled since revelations the GCSB was spying on him illegally. Questions remain over the length of time Dotcom was being spied on, with the GCSB maintaining surveillance began in December last year but it is understood internet traffic out of Dotcom's Coatesville mansion was being monitored as early as November.

Dotcom is fighting extradition to the United States and will face a hearing next year. Authorities will argue he should be forced to face trial in the United States over charges his substantial wealth was obtained by widespread copyright infringement.