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Kim Dotcom calls for Obama to 'resurrect Megaupload'

Published: 7:58AM Thursday July 12, 2012 Source: ONE News

Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom says his latest music video, which calls for US President Barack Obama to resurrect Megaupload, will be released soon.

The Megaupload founder was arrested after police swooped on his home in January and stands accused of breaching copyright laws costing owners more than US$500 million. He is on bail at his luxury Coatesville mansion ahead of extradition hearings scheduled for March.

Dotcom tweeted this morning: "Mr President music video coming soon. Asking @BarackObama to resurrect Megaupload. Yes he can. YOU have the power to convince him!"

But most do not share his optimism.

Permafried tweeted: "@Kim Dotcom @BarackObama no we don't, obama is run my corporations as well, people don't matter, sad but true."

And Ryan Glynn tweeted "he won't do it" saying the US is not controlled by people's interest.

Dotcom released a track in May about his controversial donation towards John Banks' electoral campaign in 2010.

Megabox progress

Dotcom continues to work on his next cloud service, Megabox, which he says will be released in the next four to six months.

"We are making good progress. This innovation is going to make a lot of people happy!"

The site says it offers "unlimited space for all your music" and "it's free".

It appears the site will have a music player, shop and a microphone.

Extradition latest

Dotcom is offering to go to the United States without extradition, but he does have conditions.

Dotcom yesterday tweeted that if federal authorities give him bail and unfreeze his funds so he can pay for lawyers and living expenses he will go to the US.

"Hey DOJ (Department of Justice), we will go to the US. No need for extradition. We want bail, funds unfrozen for lawyers & living expenses."

Dotcom's extradition hearing was scheduled to start at the North Shore District Court on August 6.

However, it was confirmed on Monday that it is now not expected to take place until late in March next year.