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Kim Dotcom attempts to get seized items back

Published: 10:37AM Tuesday May 22, 2012 Source: ONE News

Alleged internet pirate Kim Dotcom is making a bid to get back items seized in the police raid on his Coatesville mansion.

The Megaupload founder was arrested after police swooped on his home in January and stands accused of breaching copyright laws costing owners more than US$500 million. US authorities are attempting to extradite him to face the charges.

During the initial search of the mansion, authorised by Judge David McNaughton, police took dozens of items including anything that could store digital data, meaning home videos, CCTV footage and data from the swimming pool heating system were seized.

Dotcom's legal team is arguing the search warrant was unlawful because it was too broad. His lawyers say only items relevant to the case should have been covered.

It has been agreed that none of the items seized would be sent to the US before a date is set in court.

Dotcom was jailed after the raid and later won bail when the court deemed he was not a flight risk.

He has since been embroiled in a mayoral donations spat with Act MP John Banks.