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Kaikoura residents flock to see giant squid

Published: 8:08PM Monday February 04, 2013 Source: ONE News

One of the largest ever giant squid to be found in New Zealand waters had Kaikoura buzzing today.

While the town is usually better known for its whale watching attractions, today it was the whale's prey that was the centre of attention.

People came from miles around to see the dead squid, which was found on Saturday, on display at Kaikoura's Marine Centre and Aquarium.

Scientist Megan Bosch was interested in how it met its end.

Focussing in on particular injuries determined a larger squid may have attacked it, meaning it is possible there is an even bigger squid still lurking in the depths off the Kaikoura coast.

"We estimate it to be around around 11 metres long," Bosch said of the squid found at the weekend.

It was discovered floating in Shark's Tooth Bay by recreational fishers before being transported to the local aquarium to be preserved.

"We're going to keep it for education," said Bosch.

Few giant squid are found and even fewer seen in the wild, so little is known about them. The Kaikoura find is on a par with the biggest seen so far.