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John Key's press conference walkout goes viral

Published: 12:48PM Tuesday August 20, 2013 Source: ONE News

Prime Minister John Key has again set social media alight with another viral video.

Tens of thousands of people have watched a ONE News video of Mr Key walking out of his post-cabinet press conference yesterday as he was facing questions over the GCSB bill.

Mr Key was being grilled by a journalist on the legislation, particularly his disagreement with expert definitions on metadata and how it may be captured by the bill.

The Prime Minister asked the journalist:

"Is this a question? Can I just ask you is this a question, buddy?"

Before trying to cut the exchange short:

"I tell you what. Hold on then ... OK, let me give you the answer."

When the journalist told Mr Key he was interrupting his question, the Prime Minister thanked the media and walked off. He had warned media beforehand that the conference would have to end at 4.30pm.

A link to the video of the exchange appeared on the social media site Reddit today under the title: "New Zealand prime minister walks out of press conference when questioned over spy bill."

More than 1000 people from across the world have commented on the thread, with many surprised and unimpressed by the Prime Minister's behaviour.

"This is seriously the most unprofessional thing I've ever seen and this guy doesn't deserve to be in that position of power," user TorpleOrple said.

"Wow, he seems like a total douchebag," added another user.

Mr Key is no stranger to creating waves in social media circles.

He was recently voted third on BuzzFeed's list of the 15 Most Ridiculous World Leaders , based on his attempt at a three -way handshake at the Rugby World Cup final.

A picture of him posing with a bottle of champagne was heavily shared on Twitter in May, while his catwalk modelling of Rugby World Cup volunteer outfits was also a hot topic at the time.

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